The Best Organic Kona Coffee

Did you know that Coffee is one of the most heavily herbicided crops in the world?  Did you know there are a wide variety of pests that attack and ruin the coffee bean?  Did you know that there are over 3000 beans in an average pound of coffee and that 1500 cherries need to be hand picked for each pound?  Probably not unless you are in the coffee business.  From its raw state on the tree, coffee cherry takes a ridiculous amount of labor and processing to produce your morning cup.  All the picking, pulping, fermenting, drying, milling, grading, and roasting are nescessary for every sip of coffee we take.  But none of those processes ensure that the sip of coffee we take will be of high quality.  All the work it takes to  produce an outstanding cup of coffee happens before we get to the raw cherry being picked and processsed.  The plants themselves although hardy don't always produce cherry  that will yeild a bean that has specific characteristics that in the end become exceptional tasting roasted coffee.  A great amount of pampering is needed to achieve the taste notes desired in a finished cup.  Organic fertilizer is absolutely nesscessary to produce an unadulterated and unhindered coffee taste profile that hits all the notes one wants such as the earthy toasted chocolate flavors and smooth caramel finishes.  Low acidity and a clean finish is the goal of any coffee producer.  Although some skills within the processing chain including hand selection of the best beans and quality roasting are paramount.  Without proper cultivation these skills will not be enough to produce award winning coffee. Robust organically cultivated coffee trees that produce glossy, plump, fire engine red coffee cherry is the foundation for the coffee aroma and flavor that has inspired humanity for millenia to perfect this craft.  Our small family farm is dedicated to producing the best coffee cherry on the planet.  Hand picked by our family every bean is selected for greatness.  Cultivated with only Omri approved fertilizers and beneficial microorganisms.  Feel good about how your start your morning knowing your coffee is unadulturated in every way.  That your not consuming chemical herbicides and insecticides.  That your drinking the best coffee Kona can produce.  That you are enjoying the fruits of our families labor, and dedication to the land or Aina.  We only produce 1000 finished pounds of coffee a year.  We hope that you will enjoy some of our Families small batch organic coffee.  Although we sell out every year we currently have openings in our monthly coffee club and if you subscribe soon will be assured fresh roasted coffee at the begininning of each month year around.  If you have a discerning taste for coffee we think you will find yourselves happy with the award winning coffee you recieve each month.  Winner of peoples choice and chefs choice at the Kona Coffee Festivals Coffee and art Stroll in 2015 we set a precedent hard to recreate having won every award available that year.  Go to our order online page to invite our craft into your home, and select the coffee club subscription for either one or two pounds of your favorite roast, and recieve it to your door fresh roasted at the beginning of each month.  We love what we do, and go above and beyond all other farms to produce a coffee that is noticably better even to the most undescerning pallets.  Your stomache will thank you for making the switch!

Big Mahalos to everyone who supports us

The Alexanders