Going to be another great harvest this year!

We dont like to brag but we do it anyway.  Our coffee trees are perfect in every way.  No one spoils their trees like we do.  We know that exceptional coffee starts with healthy trees and big ripe red cherries.  What starts as a seedling ends with your morning cup.  At every step we make sure to give the trees exactly what they need and want.  Our trees are absolutely loaded this year, and we are excited for this coming harvest.  Small batch fresh roasted coffee is just a facet of what we do.  The real work happens in the fields, where we nurture our trees organically so your favorite morning drink is herbicide free, chemical free, and perfect in every way.  Thanks to everyone that continues to support our small family farm.  We know that when you take that first sip, you'll know your drinking the best.  Join our coffee club to recieve hassle free delivery at the first of each month, and save $7 on each pound of coffee you recieve.

Aloha From The Alexanders