The Results Are In and We Won Peoples choice and Chefs choice again!!!!

Aloha All

     We had a great time at this years Kona Coffee Festival's Coffee and Art Stroll in Holualoa.  It seemed like the busiest year yet.  Tons of severely overcaffienated coffee enthusiasts.  Tons of severley overcaffienated vendors.  Lots and Lots of World Class coffee.  We are excited to announce we have regained our title and won this years Peoples Choice Award and the Five Star Chefs Choice Award.  It is really a special feeling to see our work be appreciated in this massive way.  All the people that work with us on this coffee put extra into what they do.  No short cuts are taken in producing our artisinally grown organic coffee, and to watch people taste it and clearly note its exceptional quality and get there vote means a lot because we pour our lives into it the rest of the year.  Our coffee is not ordinary Kona Coffee.  We go up against some of the best coffee in the world every year and we are humbled to have served amongst so many other great coffee farmers that are out there before the sun just like we are carving out the best cup of joe they can.  The best of these farmers work hard to produce a coffee that is unadulterated in every way.  Absolutely pure organic Kona coffee from the healthiest trees possible has always been our goal  Only the highest quality organic fertilizers and beneficial microorganisms are used in the production of our coffee.  We are herbicide free, chemical fertilizer free, Chemical insecticide free.  Our coffee is hand picked and hand maintained every step of the way.  Every year we work to improve the health of our coffee trees.  Every year they get healthier and healthier.   The cherry that these happy healthy trees produce isnt ordinary and contains a high level of aromatic oils and just the right amount of bitters and acidity.  It isn't your average coffee because its got a lot of love poured into it, and the well being of the land and environment have been given precedence over convienience and economics in every step of its production.  It is our absolute pleasure to hand out our coffee all day at the Kona Coffee and Art Stroll and talk about our farm.  We love what we do.  Thanks for the aknowledgment and appreciation.  It is truly a great feeling!  

The Alexanders