Selecting the very best cherry

This years coffee harvest is by a large margin our nicest harvest ever!!!  The quality of the cherry and health of the trees is Amazing!!!   Look forward to an even more Amazing cup of joe this year!  Perfect conditions have resulted in the best coffee year we can remember.  Sign up for our coffee club and get this amazing crop delivered fresh roasted to your door with free shipping.  You deserve it.  Avoid drinking chemical herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides every day by switching to our 100% Kona Organic single estate coffee.  From the first step we took on our farm over 13 years ago no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides have ever been used in creating our Award Winning Organic Coffee.  Add the natural low acidity of Kona Coffees to that mix and your body is going to be loving you for making the switch.  Thanks For Drinking!!!

Big love from the Big Island

The Alexanders