Try our Mauka single Estate

As many of you have already noticed we are sold out of our lower estate coffee.  The good news is many of you got the memo from last year and have signed up for our monthly coffee club.  We are happy to say that the majority of our coffee is going to the coffee club now from our lower farm.  It is great to know our coffee is enjoyed enough to make this a serious long term relationship for you our customers.  The good news is this years crop from our mauka farm is absolutely fantastic and there is a lot of it.  Please give it a shot.  For those of you who are dedicated to our single estate I assure you this farms coffee does rival our lower farm and provides unique taste notes and body differences you won't be dissapointed in.  Don't be shy to try our higher elevation coffee.  We have poured the same love and organic technique into that farm and it shows in this years excellent harvest.  Thanks to all who support us!!!!!

The Alexanders