What makes Kona Coffee different from other coffees in the world

Many people come to Kona, and are suprised to discover the unique qualities of the coffee grown here.  Kona Coffee has a distinct low acidity and flavor profile that can not be replicated by other coffee growing regions.   Even Island to island the unique smoothness of Kona Coffee is unrivaled.  A variety of environmental attributes are responsible for Kona Coffee's amazing quality and flavor.  It starts with the rich volcanic soils on the Western slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa.  This extremely well draining and rich soil have taken thousands of years to become what they are today.  These soils are originally composed of volcanic ash and are known as Andisol soils.   Hawaiian Andisols have great nutrient holding capacity and even greater drainage.  The rich volcanic soils coupled with Kona's microclimate is the foundation of what makes Kona Coffee so unique.  In the summers rising land temperatures from sun baking down on fresh volcanic flows creates updrafts which pull in moisture off the ocean on the Kona Coast.  This is why Kona is the only spot on the islands where the summer is the rainy season.  The increased heat from sun exposure on black lava, and the resulting convection currents rising up the mountanside pull moisture off the ocean during the day until it creates a moisture rich cloud cover.  This is what gives Kona its classically sunny days and shady and rainy afternoons.  These sunny days and rainy afternoons are absolutely perfect for growing Arabica coffee.  The intense morning and mid day sun give the trees plenty of light for photosynthesis and tree growth, while the shady rainy afternoons and evenings give the trees time to recover from the hot days. The afternoon rains give the trees the moisture they need to focus on producing large healthy coffee cherry, and subsequently very high quality coffee beans.  Not all Kona Coffee is the same however.  Microclimates, soil composition, and agricultural technique all play a big role as well.  This is where we take Kona Coffee one step further.  Our coffee is grown using only the best organic fertilizers available.  All our trees are free of chemical pesticides and Herbicides.  Our goal at Holualoa Organics has always been to produce Kona Coffee in its purest most unadulterated form.  Extra time and attention is spent on our trees to produce not only the best Kona Coffee, but the worlds best coffee.  We have won peoples choice three years in a row at the Kona Coffee Festival,  and have won Chefs choice 3 times as well.  So it would seem our efforts are paying off, and we are overjoyed with the support we have been given over the years. You can order our coffee online here on our website, or also find it at Kona's premier coffee house, the Holuakoa Gardens and Cafe in Holualoa.    If you would like to know more about our coffee or Kona Coffee in general email us at holualoaorganics@gmail.com or use the contact us link on our website at holualoaorganic.com.  Many mahalos to everyone that continues to enjoy our coffee and support our small family farm.  We have a great harvest coming in and we are looking forward to sharing it with everyone.  

The Alexanders