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We have received our third Chefs Choice Award

It is our absolute honor to recieve the Chefs Choice award for the third time.  We work very hard to win over the chefs of the Kona Coffee belt.  Its safe to say that the chefs who decide on this award have a very refined pallet and are surrounded by amazing Kona Coffee every day.  To make the cut and recieve their five star award means a lot to us.  Thank you for your participation in the Kona Coffee Festival's Coffee and Art Stroll, and making us yet again a 5 star Coffee.

Much Love and Aloha

The Alexanders

Selecting the very best cherry

This years coffee harvest is by a large margin our nicest harvest ever!!!  The quality of the cherry and health of the trees is Amazing!!!   Look forward to an even more Amazing cup of joe this year!  Perfect conditions have resulted in the best coffee year we can remember.  Sign up for our coffee club and get this amazing crop delivered fresh roasted to your door with free shipping.  You deserve it.  Avoid drinking chemical herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides every day by switching to our 100% Kona Organic single estate coffee.

The Best Organic Kona Coffee

Did you know that Coffee is one of the most heavily herbicided crops in the world?  Did you know there are a wide variety of pests that attack and ruin the coffee bean?  Did you know that there are over 3000 beans in an average pound of coffee and that 1500 cherries need to be hand picked for each pound?  Probably not unless you are in the coffee business.  From its raw state on the tree, coffee cherry takes a ridiculous amount of labor and processing to produce your morning cup.

All Our Coffees Are Back In Stock

Aloha All

We are excited to announce that all our coffees are back in stock. Subscribe to our coffee club to Get our Award winning coffee at last years price.  Save $7 - $10 on shipping by subscribing to monthly deliveries of fresh roasted coffees.  Go to our order online tab at the top of our webpage and chose either one or two pounds delivered to your door freshly roasted at the begining of every month.

Thanks for drinking 

The Alexanders

Try our Mauka single Estate

As many of you have already noticed we are sold out of our lower estate coffee.  The good news is many of you got the memo from last year and have signed up for our monthly coffee club.  We are happy to say that the majority of our coffee is going to the coffee club now from our lower farm.  It is great to know our coffee is enjoyed enough to make this a serious long term relationship for you our customers.  The good news is this years crop from our mauka farm is absolutely fantastic and there is a lot of it.  Please give it a shot.

We have taken organic and included habitat in the mix. We are now a certified butterfly sanctuary

Aloha!!!    We all love to eat organic.  We all love organic coffee.   But even organic agriculture can have a devastating effect on members of our environment if extra precautions and measures are not taken to ensure that the use of organic persticides and fertilizers don't harm unitended organisms.  Butterflies and Bees are what scientist call indicator species.  When present bees and butterflies denote a healthy ecosystem.  Butterflies and Bees are also some of the first unintended victims of incorrect pesticide use.  Butterflies and Bees are everywhere on our farm.

Coffee and Art stroll is back November 5th 9am to 3pm in Holualoa

Its that time of the year again, The coffee and art stroll is right around the corner, and we have this years crop of coffee aging for the event.  After taking every award last year there is no place to go but down or to hold the title.  We are coming with a new art lable, new roasts and blends, and our new Butterfly sanctuary certification.  We are determined to hold our ground as peoples choice, and win the chefs choice for a third year in a row.

We are back in business

Aloha everyone we are super happy to announce we are back online with this years harvest.  All of our single estate coffee roasts are available again, as well as coffee from our higher altitude farm the mauka single estate and our awsome mix the mauka makai blend.  Be sure to get on our coffee club.  I cant even count the number of phone calls and emails I recieved from people in sheer agony that their Holualoa coffee connection had ran dry.  Dont let this be you.  Get on the coffee club.  We are not a big farm.  We have recently expanded but that coffee wont be in for 3 more years.