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Coffee and Art stroll is back November 5th 9am to 3pm in Holualoa

Its that time of the year again, The coffee and art stroll is right around the corner, and we have this years crop of coffee aging for the event.  After taking every award last year there is no place to go but down or to hold the title.  We are coming with a new art lable, new roasts and blends, and our new Butterfly sanctuary certification.  We are determined to hold our ground as peoples choice, and win the chefs choice for a third year in a row.

We are back in business

Aloha everyone we are super happy to announce we are back online with this years harvest.  All of our single estate coffee roasts are available again, as well as coffee from our higher altitude farm the mauka single estate and our awsome mix the mauka makai blend.  Be sure to get on our coffee club.  I cant even count the number of phone calls and emails I recieved from people in sheer agony that their Holualoa coffee connection had ran dry.  Dont let this be you.  Get on the coffee club.  We are not a big farm.  We have recently expanded but that coffee wont be in for 3 more years.

Fear not we have already started harvesting cherry

We have recieved a lot of emails from people wanting to know when we will have coffee again..  And it looks like early september we will be roasting and mailing orders again.  We realize running out of coffee has had many adverse affects on your life and we are working tirelessly to expand our production and see to it that those rash yelling episodes  and 2 oclock headaches are avoided for good...  we would urge anyone that wishes to recieve our coffee all year sign up for the coffee club.  Your automatically billed via pay pal and we send you your coffee monthly...

Growing Kona coffee with integrity for the Aina

              Duncan Trussel once said "Hawaii is perhaps gods elbow peaking out of the pacific giving us a glimpse of what lies beyond the viel of this life.. ".  Aloha Aina meaning "Love of the Land"  is intrinsic to the culture and well being of the hawaiian islands.  In the past the sustainability of the land was ensured by the Konohiki and Kapuna that would oversee the resources of the land and impose various limitations in fishing or agriculture to ensure malama aina meaning "respect of the land".

Try our Mauka single estate organic Coffee

As many of you know we are all sold out of our bean in all grades and blends...  However we still have 100lbs. of the mauka farms coffee available.  This is the coffee we blend with our home farm to create the award winning mauka makai blend.  It is our first year selling from this farm which is 1400 ft higher elevation than ours and is lovingly managed and tended using the same organic agricultural techniques that we use on our farm.  Dont be shy to give it a try.  We drink it ourselves and it offers a slightly bolder flavor with more chocolatey notes.

Coffee Super Stardom has taken its toll... Sign up for our monthly coffee club while you still can

We are selling out fast.  Apparently winning every award at the Kona Coffee stroll is a big deal and we will be sold out of single estate by January if orders stay the same.  It is our hope that our regular customers will sign up for the monthly coffee club so that we may put aside bean for you and help to keep you drinking our award-sweeping coffee.  Being winners hasn't gone to our head.   We already knew we were the best.  It is putting a huge dent in our inventory, however, and the idea of our regular customers having to drink someone else's coffee is just saddening.

We did it!!! Peoples Choice 2015 and Won Chefs choice for a second year in a row


To be thankfull is the only wisdom, and we are just absolutely indebted to everyone that came out and supported us at this years Kona Coffee and Art Stroll for this years Kona Coffee Festival.  To have record attendance and win Peoples choice in the heart of the Kona Coffee belt itself is just over the top amazing.  We also re won chefs choice, which is a huge honor as we very much respect the opinions and work of the chefs who do the tasting each year.  Huge thanks to the chefs as well.  

Wanting to let everyone know we got some new products and will be attending the Kona Coffee and Art Stroll again this year to show them off

So the website is now mobile friendly and we are gearing up to start subscription based orders in the next couple weeks. We are still fine tuning for a bit so the site may look different for a while untill we get all the upgrades done. We are also offering some new coffee products.  You can now get the absolute best connisuer grade extra fancy from our farm if it wasnt already good enough for you,  also there is a new coffee blend we are doing using bean from our mauka farm and mixing it with our original single estate.

Having a great year in the orchards

We had an amazing flower and bean set this year.  Everyone can look forward to another great year of coffee from our small family farm.  We also are going to be adding some new products as well as subscription based orders once we are done selling last years bean which is down to under 50 lbs.  Dont worry we have more from this year and are aging the green bean as we speak to give you the smoothest cup of joe around.  Thanks for all the orders last year and check in periodically to see updates occuring on the website.


The Alexanders