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Ordering Kona Coffee For Christmas

There are a few things customers should keep in mind in regards to ordering Kona Coffee for freinds and family for Christmas.  Christmas is the busiest season for Kona Coffee orders. Many farms sell half their coffee in the months of November and December alone.  This means delays at the roaster and processers as well as delays in the mail.  If you are planning on getting our single estate Organic 100% Kona Coffee in time to put it under the tree, you will want to have your order in no later than December 7th.

What makes Kona Coffee Unique

Kona coffee has long been cherished by world coffee connoisseurs for its unique smooth flavor. It is a mix of Kona's ideal weather and volcanic soil composition that gives Kona coffee its flavor cherished by the people who drink it. Even though growing conditions are favorable here it takes more than the good weather to keep the soil here producing a favorable coffee. Excessive use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers compromise the soils vitality and in turn the quality of the coffee yeilding a product that is by no means unique.

We just won Chefs Choice award at the Kona Coffee and Art Stroll

Well we are super pleased that the chefs of the Kona Coffee Belt chose us as the winner of their five star coffee award. It is a huge accomplishment for us to be taking home awards our second year of participating in the Kona Coffee and Art Stroll. Quality is our biggest concern and to have the chefs' trained pallets approve and choose our coffee as the best is really amazing. It makes us very happy to bring you a coffee that is above and beyond the competition. Happy Holidays

The Alexanders

Coffee prices are going up but we aren't feeling the push

Many coffee farms are having to raise their price.  With new detrimental pests, increased labor cost, and processing costs on the rise it is hard to not.  But we're not feeling the push.  We are able to keep our costs down by being a diversified farm that uses advanced organic practices in multiple ways including fruit orchard production, raised bed vegetable production, and reforestation, as well as our prized coffee.  We also have active work trade and education programs.

Our latest batch of coffee trees have started to sprout

All coffee starts here as a seedling and ends in one of the most laborious luxuries in our lives. Our seedlings are reared with great care using only sustainable organic agricultural practices.  It takes 5 years to get a seedling like these to become a fully productive coffee tree.  Our small family farm is proud to announce we have produced our first thousand pounds of coffee in a year.  This is a great milestone for us and we hope it is enjoyed by our friends and customers and shared with theirs.  

Its Milling Time, Trees Got Buds, and We Just Fertilized

Thanks to everyone that has recently placed orders, and to our returning customers.  Our green bean is getting low, and so we will be milling this week to ensure the availability of our premium single estate organic Kona coffee.  Plenty of bean is still available for current orders so no worries on ordering.  We wouldn't leave you hanging.  We only mill enough green bean to fulfill the months order as the coffee keeps and ages better in parchment(the paper like coating left on the bean after pulping, fermenting, and sun drying).