The latest batch of coffee trees have sprouted it all starts here


Great coffee starts with a seed and ends in one of the most laborious luxuries we have in our lives.  All our coffee started here as freshly sprouted trees.  A decade has gone into rearing these little seedlings to get to where we are at now.  A fully grown in coffee farm producing the highest quality coffee imaginable.  Our years of work result in a mere thousand pounds of coffee each year.  Great care has been made to take seedlings like these and turn them into highly productive trees in our field using only sustainable organic agricultural practices.  Our Farm started out 16 acres of brambles and now hosts sweeping views of healthy orchards, coffee trees, and vegetables.  We love what we do and make sure that the thousand lbs of coffee we produce is the highest quality possible.  We are happy to announce this year as being the first for us to reach our thousand pound production mark and urge people to try our coffee and share it with their friends.  Our work is paid off in your satisfaction and words of praise for our small family farms organic products.  

Thanks for the support

The Alexanders