Our Philosophy & Process

Kona mountain organic coffee strives to provide the absolute best quality of Kona coffee possible, while adhering to strict organic land stewardship. 

From our family to yours, please enjoy the fruits of our labor and drink well knowing that only the finely tuned elements and soils of the Kona coffee belt have produced this extraordinary coffee, under the watchful and caring eyes of our family.

Organic means more time has been put into our coffee than other conventional coffee farms.  Absolutely no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides have ever been used in the production of our highly prized 100% Kona, single estate grown, organic coffee.  Hand weeding, selective use of certified organic fertilizers, and meticulous selection of only the perfectly ripe cherry has resulted in a coffee, which exemplifies the true taste of Kona.

We strongly believe that quicker is not better, and that an organic, artisan, approach to all we grow results in a better product while protecting the very soils that sustain us.  The land belongs not only to us but future generations, and it is through this understanding that we base our agricultural practices.

By building soils rather than depleting them, maintaining crucial habitats rather than altering them, and choosing the morally sound approach over the most efficient approach, we sacrifice extra time to ensure that our farm is alive and well for future generations to enjoy and prosper from while providing a product we are proud to sell, and that is unadulterated and in its purest most natural form.